Weekly Newsletter






I will be using a book I chose to supplement our Religion Series ‘We Believe’ (Sadlier) for the remainder of the school year. The book is titled, Love Letters from God (Bible Stories), written by Glenys Nellist. I chose this book because it will provide the children with a better understanding of the importance of a variety of Bible stories. I will read twelve stories from the Old Testament and six from the New Testament) which is followed by a love letter written from God to the children. We will end with a whole-group discussion after each story and follow that with a story-related song/art project/worksheet.



The children will finish Chapter 13th early this week and begin Chapter 14th (Measurement). It will consist of describing and comparing by size (smaller/larger), length, height, weight, and temperature.




We will be finishing our Supernoodle, ‘Ettabetta’ by mid-week followed by ‘Hot Rod,’ our next Supernoodle. He has lots of fun and creative plans for the Superkids to do on his day as their Supernoodle. The children will learn the following:

- Identify uppercase and lowercase Xx /ks/, Yy, and Zz

- Associate picture names with words and sentences

- Handwriting:  Identify uppercase and lowercase Xx, Yy, Zz

- Identify words with a long ‘a, e, i, o, u’ sounds

- Blend sounds to decode words

- Encode words with plural -s

- Identify rhyming words

- Review the sight words:  a, and, I, can, we, see, like, the, go, have, to, play, is, for, you, this, do, what, little, said, here, was, she, he, has, of, look, with, my, me, where, want, put, my, which

- Use correct spacing and punctuation in sentences (period, question mark, exclamation mark, an apostrophe in sentences, quotation marks)

- Understand the pronoun ‘you’

- Understand and use ‘verbs’ correctly in sentences

- Recognize smaller words in compound words

- Associate words with ‘past, present, future’

- Vocabulary: understand the meaning of swell, the abbreviation TV for television and the plural boxes, discuss story concepts, discuss photo album and the abbreviation of photo

- Listening Comprehension:  Listen for details in a song, discuss reusing and recycling, discuss photos, sequence events (first, next, last), retell story details

- ComprehensionUse prior knowledge, answer questions about a story, draw conclusions, and recall story details




The children will continue to learn daily the proper ways to form/write a variety of letters and numbers correctly which will consist of them using all three of the handwriting lines (headline, midline, baseline). Please have your child write their letters and numbers at home and if they are written incorrectly by not beginning at the top or touching the proper lines, have him/her erase it, and redo it correctly by taking their time!

They are working daily on their writing skills which consists of writing a variety of words (sound-spelling), rhyming words, and sentences within their class notebook. This type of daily writing will be beneficial for them as First Graders as it consists of taking weekly spelling tests along with sentences and an assortment of writing activities within First Grade.




The children have been very excited to observe the life cycle of their sunflower plant and being able to bring their cup of sunflower plants home with them on Friday. Please be sure to let them grow in a sunny spot for a couple more days and then find a place to plant them and watch them grow throughout the summer months. All of you will be surprised at how big the sunflower plants grow!


Also, we have five school pets in our class! They are five Painted Lady caterpillars who are now in their chrysalis. The children have learned about the life cycle of a butterfly, and I will continue to read a variety of books that pertain to butterflies and their life cycles. The children are very excited to see them each transform into the chrysalis stages of chrysalis and eventually into a beautiful butterfly which will occur in about two weeks.